About Dezarie

Defining Dezarie's musical work is not a trivial task. She was born in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) and owns a unique, gentle yet powerful voice. Born into a family that loved music and spirituality, she started singing during her childhood. Her music carries a message of spiritual elevation, equal rights and justice, with powerful instrumentation provided by the creative Ron Benjamin, her Musical Director and Producer of 4 of her 5 albums. He is also the founder of Midnite. Ron is one of the most influential musicians of the past three decades, being responsible for putting The tiny Island of St. Croix on the world's great music map. The formidable combination of Dezarie’s unique vocal frequencies, melodies and lyrics along with Ron’s unorthodox holistic approach to producing music has yielded a soul stirring catalog of life changing songs.

Dezarie's international career began immediately after the release of her debut album, "Fya" (2001). “Gracious Mama Africa” quickly followed which led to her being recognized as a fresh, consistent, thoughtful and potent female “Roots Artist”. Her first major tour commenced which saw her gracing the stage of 10 cities in 10 days on the West Coast of the United States.  In many countries across North and South America, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, the impact was immediately felt. Through consistent touring for the past 18 years, she maintains the status of being one of the most sought after and successful International Female Roots Reggae artists. She already performed for huge crowds not only as the main attraction, but also Headlining Major Festivals in Brazil as well as in Europe and the United States.

Among her biggest hits are "Gone Down" "Gracious Mama Africa" "Don't Cry" "Poverty" "Stronger" "Strengthen Your Mind" and "Love in Your Meditation" tracks released on her five studio albums, which continue to thrive on the playlists of reggae listeners.

Her music delivers messages that are inspirational, thought provoking, spiritual and most importantly truthful.